Thursday, April 20, 2006

Exam: part I

Why are written exams a testimony of what you've studied but not of what you've learned? I have systematically forgotten everything I've ever crammed into my brain for exam purposes. I cannot recall for the life of me, a time where I've actually used in my life - both personnal and professional - THE fact found in column 3 of table 3 of page 92. Yet, THE fact earned me a diploma...

So snaps and kudos for hubby. Part I, the dreaded written exam has been successfully passed. The written exam consists of questions that cannot be answered by very capable and competant practising anesthesiologists. (He tested a few sample questions on some of his university professors...) Questions whose correct answers are still being debated within the scientific community (read controversies). Questions which test your memory but not your skill, critical judgment, compassion or humanity.

The College test those with the Exam: part II.

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