Thursday, October 26, 2006

All Hallow's Eve

It's Halloween at Édouard's school today. He would not let me forget. Up at the crack of dawn, he kept checking that his costume and candy contribution to the class pot were still where we had left them last night.

Halloween is not celebrated as seriously (as commercially?) here as it is back home. Children do not go house to house badgering people for loot. Instead, the Commune organizes a children's parade where local businesses offer candy to children (OK, seen in that context, Halloween is equally as commercial here.). Finding a costume for Édouard was difficult. Finding a plastic pumpkin to hold the Halloween geld even more. We finally found a costume for Édouard at a toy store. We did not find a plastic pumpkin.

Sir Édouard, the "Handsome", proudly sported a shiny plastic breast plate, shield, helmet and sword to school. He remained in ghoulish spirits, despite having his sword swiftly confiscated by his school teacher.

We are going to miss our traditional run for candy at Antoine and Francis's house, and around Mamy's neighbourhood this year. Too bad. With Charlotte in tow, Édouard would have made a killing. She's real cute. He's real charming. It's a double threat on Hubby's waistline.

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