Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Manneken Pis

Edouard is in, as child psychologists would label, his "anal phase". Farts, poop and pee make him laugh hysterically. Truth be said, that too still makes me laugh. So, when we described what the Manneken Pis was, he excitedly and repeatedly asked when we would go ("Pipi, Papa?"). I think he was expecting something grand.

We went. We went to the Place Royale. "Where is the Makkenen Pis?" asks Edouard. We went to the Grand Place. Built to impress foreign powers in the day, it still does. Not so much Edouard. "Where is the Makkenen Pis" he asks impatiently. He touches the arm of Everard't Serclaes for luck. The little one foot fountain statue impressed Edouard as much as the Grand Place did. "It's not even real pee. It's water from the fountain" observes a mildly disappointed Edouard.

As it was, the evening was not a total waste. Edouard thoroughly enjoyed the free samples of chocolates, the mime (?!), the waffle and the slush.

Perhaps, like waffles, and hot dogs - the "Makkenen Pis" is best all-dressed.

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Anonymous said...

Pipi... hahaha! I guess I'm still in my anal phase too!