Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Disneyland Resort Paris

We decided to treat our children, both inner and actual, to a Halloween weekend in Disneyland Resort Paris. The theme park is essentially Disneyland Annaheim minus the hot and sunny weather. The rides, the queues, and the call to mass comsumption of Mickey Mouse memorabilia are the same. The food is almost the same - the portions and prices are Euro (thus, smaller and more expensive), mayonnaise is the primary condiment, the popcorn is sweet and there are no strawberry bars. However, the candied apples are too die for.

Hubby booked a room in the incredibly tacky Disneyland Cheyenne Hotel. This on-site hotel has a FarWest theme and milks every cowboy cliché to death. Think wagon wheels, horse wall-paper, cow sheets, cowboy boot lamp and bunk beds. Edouard was completed enchanted. I kept expecting Jack Palance.

I let Edouard and Hubby loose in the theme park. They did every ride except for two where, unfortunately, Edouard's height did not meet the minimal requirement. Big Thunder Mountain did not even make Edouard flinch. I did see a tiny flicker of fear, though, in the Phantom Manor ride. We discovered his aggressive driving skills (not unlike Belgian drivers) in Autopia car ride. Stuck behind Methusaleh, who in all fairness did not have the physicial strength to "floor it", Edouard kept yelling and gesticulating for him to go faster. Much ado that got him an extra turn. Charlotte's favourite was "It's a Small World". I am not surprised. It has all the elements of another one of her favourites, the Teletubbies: lights, dancing dolls and a mind-numbing repetitition.

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