Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas break

Quiet Christmas Eve - we put the kids to bed early. I am not sure how much longer Santa Claus will have an effect on them. Edouard remembered to leave a treat. He chose a clementine.

The kids opened their presents Christmas morning. Edouard wondered how Santa Claus knew where to find him, why Santa Claus did not put the clementine peel in the garbage, and how he got through our non-functional fake decoration fireplace. He swears he heard the elevator in the middle of the night...

Over breakfast, Hubby flipped-flopped with the idea of Paris for Boxing Day. A flash deal on internet for a hotel in Le Marais with pool made him flip.

For 2 days, Edouard terrorized French pigeons. The ones around the Eiffel Tower probably still remember him. The tourists there probably remember him too. He spewed his sausages Exorcist-like at the base of the tower (a mild gastrointestinal virus explains why he only ate 2 sausages instead of his usual 5 for lunch). My child can "puke and rally" with the best. The next pigeons at Notre-Dame never stood a chance. Charlotte threw up in the car on the way back (too much chocolate, too fast). Hubby asked aloud who in this family is capable of dealing with puke. I finally let him know why I married him:
  1. he squashes bugs
  2. he picks up vomit
Love is swell, but I am a practical girl.

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