Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Shopping Gods

Just because I am now a full-time-stay-at-home Mom does not mean I have to look like one. Down with the Soccer Mom look and her tapered, badly cut light blue jeans, her wash-and-wear haircut, her oversized trainers, and fugly sports coat . And let's not forget the salmon-coloured minivan complete with assorted diaper bag. Hubby is by no means shallow but my feminine intuition assures me that he would much prefer come home to a "Yummy Mummy". Well, I will just have to do with my Longchamps pliable/tote/diaper bag and Repetto leopard-print ballet flats for the moment. Cause, some asshole cloned my credit card and tried to use it at a Wal-Mart (euww!) in Arizona. The schmuck's charge was refused by Visa. Nonetheless, my card had to be cut up. The shopping gods must be angry. That or they are in cahoots with Hubby to curb my spending...

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