Thursday, July 12, 2007

Luxembourg city - the Old Town

In the time it takes to say "Luxembourg", Charlotte decided it was time to enter into her "terrible twos". My good-natured, smiling child morphed into a howling, wailing shrew. At least she chose the cleanest streets in Europe to throw her tantrums on. Luxembourg city is very much the banking town it is: tidy, prim and proper, impeccably groomed, charming, pleasant, and reserved if not almost boring. The kind city folk carefully stepped around her and understandingly smiled their encouragement.

Usually weary of rinky-dink tourist trains, we settled for comfort and hopped on. The Petruss Express enchanted Charlotte long enough to keep "the Devil's Spawn" at bay and we got to see the sights - the deep, green canyons once key to the "Gibraltar of the North's" defences; the fortified bastions and ramparts and the old world of the Grund district.

The Chemin de la Corniche offered another beautiful vantage point of the winding valley. Mercifully, Charlotte slept the whole way in her stroller.

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Anonymous said...

The Devil's spawn? Which one of you is the Devil?!