Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The BUS!

I am distressed. Panicked actually.
I just let Edouard climb into a bus driven by a fool. Okay, in all fairness it's the fool's second day on the route (first day he was one hour late) so perhaps referring him as a fool might be premature. But, the fool triggered my Mommy instincts to protect my brood. And, swearing is my primal coping mechanism - it scares the enemy. So "Fool", in my present state of mind, is by comparison to "Fucker" and "Asshole" tender.
Today, fool was on-time. But, fool didn't even stop at our house, jut kept driving and stopped three houses down. Put the bus flashers on and waited...and realized he was at the wrong house. Fool tried to back the bus up, onto the sidewalk no less. Fool gave up and left. Fool came back two minutes later to pick up an irate six-year-old.

I am glad that "Fucker" is not yet part of his vocabulary.

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