Monday, February 20, 2006

Board blues

I am hopelessly afraid of heights. Yet, I like mountain-climbing analogies. Friends who have climbed mountains (crazy inspired shit like Kilimandjaro) tell me that it is the last few steps that are the toughest: the summit is deliciously close, and despite the burning pain, and the fatigue you dig deep and will yourself to reach the top. You then celebrate (do a little dance) only to realize that you must now climb down the mountain...

Board exams are the Everest of the med intern. For a whole year, they retreat into a study bubble; wall themselves behind medical volumes and jargon, ignore friends and family and prepare for the final ascension. I have become Tenzing Norgay to his Hillary - carrying on selflessly with the demands of everything non-medical in pursuit of his goal.

We will know in June if he does his little dance at the summit. I will know in June if he has left too much at the top to begin his descent home.

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Retro said...

Intéressant de découvrir un style, un rythme et beaucoup d'ironie. Un talent certain. Une diversité de sujet à suivre