Friday, March 10, 2006


There's something to be said about context. Why one thing existing in one realm will take a whole other significance in another...

I started work again after a 6 month maternity leave. It was my husband's idea for me to return to work sooner. It was his supportive albeit backhanded reply to my multiple complaints about my once upward and mobile career being forever snuffed under the weight of bottles, dirty diapers, vomit, and baby Einstein. He figured that my result-driven type-A behavior would not only be better appreciated in the workplace (as opposed to?) but would also be financially compensated.

It begs then the question. How could I possibly survive 12 months abroad alone with both children when 6 months on home turf with only one left me dazed and completely confused?


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Anonymous said...

But you won't be on home soil... Lots to discover + I expect to see my godson and his sis. So pack a weekend bag and hop a flight ;)