Friday, March 03, 2006

Olympic reprieve

It's been awhile. Too busy with the Olympics. No, not as an athlete - I lack the fortitude required for the pursuit of sport as an expression of pure passion. I've been too busy as a spectator. Spectator is a soft word to describe my interest and preoccupation with all that is Olympic. Witness, maybe; no, I've been described as a groupie. Friends are often perplexed: I am not athletic. I don't do sports regularly. I don't watch sports generally. I don't watch professional sports (except tennis). Yet, I follow World Championships and I fix on Olympic sports. I stand corrected. I am an Olympic addict. I follow every sport; know athlete name and faces; keep tabs on medal count and personal bests; critique national attire; bemoan judging; and wish I was there. The human drama which is victory, defeat, sacrifice and transcendence truly inspires me. And, let's not forget, muscular bodies in athletic skins...

So for the past two weeks, I have been in Torino (thanks to CBC and Radio-Canada) flipping from one to the other, watching live feeds, and rewatching recaps. Thank you to Clara, Cindy, Marie-France and Patrice, Eric, Jeffrey, Herman, Beckie, Apollo, Evgeni, and Sacha for the thrills. (Bode: if you are going to talk the talk, you better ski the ski)
Life as I know it can now resume.

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Anonymous said...

OK... it's been at least a week since the Olympics have ended... you have no more excuse to NOT have blogged yet.