Sunday, April 30, 2006

Go Habs Go

It's the hockey playoffs. And whether you are English or French, federalist or separatist, urban or suburban, there is one thing that unites Montrealers this time of year - the Montreal Canadiens. Habs hockey news becomes THE news in every media. Habs hockey jerseys, usually the sartorial staple of taverns and trailer parks, are proudly worn on the Main. Children are asked to design the Stanley Cup parade floats as school projects. Life begins and stops at 19h30 on game nights. Too bad I can't revel with the masses.

Old habits die hard, especially old hockey rivalries. I am a Quebec Nordiques fan - to the core. I probably should say was , as the team no longer physically exists, but closure never really happened in my heart. After 8 years as a Montreal transplant, I no longer hate the Habs viscerally. However to cheer for the Habs would constitute a betrayal. My weak "Go Habs Go" would sound foreign and frankly insincere.

So for the next few days (I predicted Carolina in 6), I am a hockey heretic. Alain Côté's goal was good so was Rod Brind'amour's.

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