Sunday, August 06, 2006


Ben is my sister's beige smallish loud (wunder)lusty dog. Open the door, he runs away - a mad scramble for the hills. Leave him alone, he mounts Nikki. Someday, I am going to get a gun (you've been warned Sis.) Ben is very much the rogue. And like most rogues, utterly charming.

My kids adore Ben. Edouard has finally met a dog he can't tire out. Charlotte has found a friend at her eye-level and size. Recent events have us wondering however. Her favorite game of late is to corner Ben, crawl after him and headbutt him "à la Zidane". Ben, confused, tries to avoid her. She maintains pursuit and headbutts him again. He weaves left. He veers right. She headbutts him again. Again. And again.

My Dad has suggested we get Charlotte a football helmet. I suggest we should get Ben one.

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