Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A river in Egypt

I counted. There are exactly 38 items on my "Belgium Move To Do" list. Eight of these items have 5 sub-items. I figure it should take 3 months to get through them. I have less than a month. Denial is a river that runs deep in Egypt.

Item 5 has been a bitch so far. Packing away personal things -10 years worth- into storage has been more complex than just stuffing everything into a box. That's Hubby's half-ass method. I have been conscientiously sorting through our belongings - boxing some, discarding others, wondering what to do with most. I have more boxes than places to store them in. I keep fighting the urge to replace a discarded thing with its upgrade. Maybe, Hubby was right and I should just box everything. Better yet, perhaps I should just box everything and dump it ALL into a river in Egypt (gleeful evil laugh). Scratch Item 5.

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