Friday, September 08, 2006

Europe: Final Countdown (too easy...)

I read somewhere that that one of the major causes of stress is moving. The last time I felt this annoyed and on the verge of imploding was just a few weeks before the wedding (that's another one). The constant rush to finalize things and then realizing there is yet something else to micromanage has me running on irritated. There is always another "last one, I hope" required document - the certificate confirming Hubby's knowledge of Flemish; he doesn't, wherein lies the problem, was bogus in every sense of the word.

Buying our plane tickets has brought some much needed certainty to this whole uncertain adventure. We are sure of two things. Hubby will be cramped on Air Transat. And come September 20th for Hubby, and October 3rd for the kids and I, this blog will have a European flavour.

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