Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chez Léon

We ate supper at Chez Léon, one of only two guide book-recommended eateries on the rue des Bouchers dining street. The other is Aux Armes de Bruxelles.

We ate early by European standards, the clock set on Edouard's stomach growls. We were sitted almost immediately, beating out the large group of hungry diners amassed only moments later. Chez Léon is something of an institution, its reputation acquired through generations of quality service and food. Its doesn't need to impress by its decor. And, it doesn't. The restaurant is an eclectic mess of "antiques" - a sugar shack gone art-deco. We were seated in a small nook. Brass name plates were fixed at each dining place. Mine said "Jacques Brel". Hubby's said "Tibet".

We had mussels and chips and beer (oh my!). Left no space for a waffle but Edouard did find room for some Australian ice-cream.

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