Thursday, October 19, 2006

Waarmee kan ik u van dienst zijn?

Hubby spends his day at the O.L.V.M (Flemish for hospital?) in Aalst performing what he describes as maximally invasive anesthesia for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Aalst is Flemish. Language is not an issue. Hubby is learning Dutch through correspondance courses that I take while he is at the hospital.

Hubby took his first course today. I learned the use of singular articles, the infinitive and singular present tense, how to phrase questions, and the niet negation. All of this at the bank and with a gal named Rita from Veurne who keeps asking if "Spreekt u Nederlands?"

Reminds me of my CEGEP Spanish courses. For the record, senora Morrissette, "No mi padre no es dentista" was not useful in San Juan but understanding "Si, soy romantico" in Cancun was...

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