Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cooking for the Masses

From my Dad to Hubby, the men in my life have always been the cooks. Not only do they bring home the bacon, they pan fry it too. My culinary skills are limited. Limited to making reservations. So with Hubby keeping long hours at the hospital, the responsibility of appropriately feeding my family fell upon me. My lack of cooking skills came to light, when for a second time that week, Edouard raised his nose at one of my meals. I snapped angrily if he was that picky about school meals. He answered - no, cause it's good, there! Seems my cooking tastes bizarre.

Exclusively feeding my kids Pop Tarts is not the answer. Wouldn't be able to bloody find them in the grocery store anyways (humph). On one of my numerous trips evading the grocery store, I happened into a small deli who caters incredibly delicious and affordable meals. So for the past week, I haven't just brought home bacon. I've brought home salmon, quail, rabbit...and a bit of appreciation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
well the guy in your bachelor pad isn't really better at cooking than you, so don't worry, we can have a chili cookoff at your return!!

P-Y xoxox