Monday, October 16, 2006

Where's the Beef?

Grocery shopping has become an ordeal. A two hour ordeal. A two hour ordeal for six items bought. Every other day, I have to summon the courage to shop for food. I know that it will be a long day. It's a scavenger hunt everytime.

If I were a cartoon, there would be a blinking question mark just above my head.
Each time I pick up a box of cookies on the Flemish side of the label - blink, blink.
Each time I flip the box of cookies to read the French side - blink, blink.
Each time I decrypt the French to make sure that these are in fact cookies - blink, blink.
Each time I look for milk in the dairy case - blink, blink.
Each time I sift through sixty-five types of cheeses in the dairy case for the milk - blink, blink.
Each time I find the milk (cause it's UHT only) across the aisle from the cookies - blink, blink.

I look like a turkey on a wild goose chase. From condescendingly amused to downright dismissive - I get the distinct impression the clerks want to stick a fork into me. Is she done yet?

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