Monday, October 09, 2006

The Rules of the Road

As per Hubby's explanations, the rules of the road are quite simple. The guy on your right has priority as do pedestrians at crosswalks. "That simple?" I naively ask Hubby. "Unless, you are at a four point crossroad and then the guy on my right happens to be the guy on that guy's left who happens to be on my left who now has right of way. And then that all changes if you are in a rond-point and then the guy on the outside (the right) must yield. And all of that is nul and void in the presence of a tram." answers Hubby. "Oh." I reply. "And, for pedestrians?" I ask again seeing that Hubby had not yielded to the couple on the crosswalk. "Pedestrians have right of way only if they are already on the crosswalk or if the walk signal is green" amends Hubby.

In a nutshell, apply Montreal traffic rules: cross at your own risk and every man for himself. Simple.

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