Thursday, November 30, 2006

Le Bois de la Cambre

Our apartment is only a couple of blocks away from le Bois de la Cambre. Hubby jogs there early every morning. He reassured Edouard that there were no wolves. He regularly crosses an elderly man, whom we like to believe is the Vietnamese ambassador to Belgium. The Vietnamese Embassy is on the corner. We can see into their yard. Since we have yet to spot the Canadian Embassy, Hubby jokes that if there's any trouble he can run across next door and tell them he's an "in-law". There are many embassies that line the pretty wooded park: Brasil, Argentina. There is a playground for the kids. There is a lawned playing field as well; it is frequented by Boy Scouts. (What's up with Scouts in this country?)

I like to walk along the tree-lined paths with Charlotte, especially that the woods conveniently end on rue Louise...I come home from our walks in the woods (new euphemism) with many bags.

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