Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

In an effort to channel Edouard's nervous energy as well as expose him culturally to things other than Pokémon, I brought the children to l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles. As it turns out, I took the long route to get there, having had to cut through the Parc Léopold...twice.

The museum spans several floors, none of which are connected by a working elevator. The museum's temporary exposition was about the heart (a recurrent theme in my life). I never heard mine beat so loudly as I hauled Charlotte and stroller. A temporary exposition about sweat would have been more ironic. We learned that a horse's heart is bigger than Edouard's head.

The museum's collection of stuffed animals is superb. The star attraction being 2 story-high dinosaur skeletons. Unfortunately, Edouard is a true product of the Nintendo generation. If it can't be thrown, doesn't move, emit light or sound, it's gets quickly boring. We left the museum.

I took the short route home through the European Parliament district.

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