Friday, November 17, 2006

My friend Garou

Our apartment is equipped with water radiators. Very old-world. Though simple in design, we haven't yet figured out how they work. Having run out of passive-aggressive strategies in response to my many complaints, or perhaps just too numb cold himself, Hubby began to tinker with the water heater box. And, successfully...blew out the pilot light. Hubby's frantic button-pushing, lever-cranking, door-clanging and swearing failed to ignite the little blue flame. I knew to step in when Hubby asked where the gas main AND matches were...

What Hubby does not have in manual prowess, he makes up for in sheer dumb luck. A courteous plumber took Hubby's late-night emergency call:

Hubby: I'm renting an apartment and the water heater stopped working. I think the pilot light blew out by itself all of a sudden.

The plumber talks Hubby through. The pilot light burns blue.

Hubby: Thank you so much. I'm Canadian and I'm staying in this country temporarily. I am just now getting acquainted with my appliances.
Plumber: Are you Garou?

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