Friday, January 26, 2007

Commercial break

The Belgian adventure will resume in a couple of weeks after these messages:
  • After an admission's process not unlike Hubby and I's university applications (essay questions, aptitude tests, interviews), we are proud to announce that Edouard will begin kindergarten at Lower Canada College in the Fall. Lion's pride!
  • After a search process not unlike speed dating (10 houses in 3 neighbourhoods over 2 days, purchased sight-unseen by Hubby), we are proud to announce that we will be residents of Westmount in the Fall. Down with injustice and oppression!
  • My children have reached mile stones in their quest for autonomy: Charlotte no longer requires a bottle to fall asleep and Edouard no longer requires help to wipe after a number 2...
It's been a good week.

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