Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jet Lag

What a difference a class upgrade makes! The flight back on Air Transat's First Class was comfortable and uneventful (that's a good thing). Champagne before take-off, a newspaper, hot towels, a child's crib, our own video screen, food on real china, chotzky-filled bags, really cute salt and pepper shakers, unlimited drink and pretzel refills, and an attentive, courteous crew (almost annoyingly so) made the 6 hour flight, managing 2 children alone, a charm. And, the best part: no clapping upon landing. I did have to suffer a suburban snob sharing his "knowledge" about good living, food and wine to his wannabe suburban snob seat partner who attempted to hide that she knew nothing by agreeing with everything. My complimentary head-set quickly drowned out the stupid banter.

Hubby was there to greet us at the airport. This time around, he was the one in tears...

So, it's back to my Belgian routine while fighting through the jet-lag: wide awake at night wishing a wolf could do damage on some sheep and grocery shopping in a dazed funk during the day. I learned that a man, in the absence of his spouse, will buy only what is strictly essential for survival: toilet paper, beer and butter.

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