Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Many happy returns, Hubby

It's Hubby's birthday today. 33 years old. I managed to buy the wrong number candles for his birthday cake. I did the math. Hubby is a year younger and I'm...

I'm in deep denial over my age AND I can't subtract.

Edouard, celebrity event planner, took cues from his inner Martha Stewart and had me get essential party items: candles, banner, balloons, hats, noise makers, junk food, and Power Ranger-shaped cake or the ingredients to make our own cake...from scratch. Home-made anything by me is never a "good thing".

Unable to keep a secret and yet aptly able to fog the truth through creative license, Edouard told his father about our party purchases; and not to worry - that EVERYONE had been invited to the party. Considering that my circle of acquaintances here is rather limited, Hubby wondered if he should expect our butcher, the bakery girl, the video store dudes and Evelina, our cleaning lady.

Happy Birthday!

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