Friday, April 20, 2007

Antwerp Zoo

Édouard suggested the zoo. Hubby, the water park. This swing vote opted for the zoo for our family weekend activity.

The Antwerp Zoo is nestled a stone's throw - really...if you did, you'd hit an elephant - next to the train station. It's an old-fashioned zoo with turn-of-the-century (the last one, not this one) brick buildings, and ornate wrought iron cages to house the animals. Mostly funded by private citizens and the government, it has not lost its charm (yet) to rampant commercialism.

The children ran from cage to cage oohing and ahhing. Charlotte lingered, for what seemed to be forever, in front of the gorilla's pen; kept a respectful distance from the alligators. Édouard proved to be a formidable blocker in front of the penguins' glass pool; threw up his lunch in front of the tiger's cage.

Truth be told, Édouard vomits on pretty much every trip we make. It has become a non-event for us; we kind of expect it now. We would probably have a different outlook if it weren't for the fact that Édouard is the "puke and rally" type. He will usually ask for food minutes after.

We left the zoo because Édouard was hungry.


Will said...

Puke and rally. Kid's got a bright future.

Sarah said...

Puke and rally! It runs in the family!!!