Friday, April 27, 2007

Campione! Day 1

Seeing that being a not-at-work-Mom in Belgium was making me somewhat glum, he figured that I would cheer up at the idea of doing dishes in another country. So, Hubby took up his highschool buddy's offer for a taste of la dolce vita in Italy for a few days. JF and his girlfriend, Chantal, had rented a villa on the cliffs of Positano and invited Hubby and I, and foolhardily, the kids for a 5 day visit. Must be the hormones. Chantal is expecting a boy for the Fall.

My last memories of Italy was of my honeymoon. We had driven throughout the country in a small Clio without air conditioning in the July heat (romantic, no?). I remember regretfully passing by a few towns; the summer busloads of tourists, steep prices and suffocating heat had been a convincing deterrent.

A 2 hour plane trip brought us to Naples. A rented car (a Ford Fiesta, this time with air conditioning but NO cupholder - Hubby has no one else to blame but his cheap self) brought us up the winding hills of Positano; not without a wrong turn into Naples where we were summarily squeegeed. Hubby did in Rome as Romans do - drive as if speed limits were a mere suggestion and stop signs, a nuisance.

We had a delicious lunch in a quaint restaurant (Saraceno d'Oro), favoured by locals. We had serendipitously found ourselves there because Édouard, as is his habit, got car sick and it was the only establishment open for business when he clamoured for food.

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