Thursday, May 03, 2007

Campione! Day 3

Decidedly, Colin Farrell looks better on screen. We crossed paths in Positano. He was ambling up the stairs with an unknown brunette while I was struggling down the stairs with our stroller. I did not notice him, at first. I just saw a straw cowboy hat and a blue-Positano-paisley-print shirt. It took Hubby to point him out - it's the guy in Alexander and The Recruit. I looked again, I just saw a skinny guy with an ugly blue shirt.

There are other things that are disappointing once you see them for yourself, without the tinted lenses of hype and glamour. Capri was such a thing. The coastal resort of the rich and famous, it turned out to be little more than a funicular ride up to luxury shops and down to overpriced gelati. I did find some of the island's authenticity and charm on our private boat ride around Capri. Stephano, our guide, steered us to little-known grottos - with the same blue light reflections as seen in the Grotto Azzuro, but without the tourists splashing about on their 8 minute boat ride.

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