Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Campione! Day 4

Hmmph...I've been trying to get to Day 4 with my description of Maria's beautiful, cliff-side villa; our visit to the ruins of Pompei; the gorgeous hand-made pasta bowls purchased in a quaint shop; and Édouard learning to surf on a baggage cart. The latter would not have been worthy of mention had he not toppled over the cart on his dismount and had the bowls not been on the cart. The kid's ass is blessed. Only one piece was broken.

I'm actually 4 blog installments behind. I have yet to publish my retelling of our London weekend (yeah, 2 weeks ago), Hubby's brush with Royalty (no, not Lizzie, Chuck or Wills), a day-trip to Bouillon, and my life as a bear (curious, aren't you?).

I have been side-tracked for the last couple of days. Otherwise, engaged, enthralled, mesmorized, enchanted. I wish it were something noble like taking care of my sick child (a runny nose doesn't count), or glamourous like a research field trip to the North Pole. Nope, I've been spending ALL of my time...on E-bay! It's not about acquiring goods. I could simply "Buy It Now". It's not about finding a deal. It's about the DEAL. I get caught up in the auction. Blame it on my obsessive-compulsive, competitive nature. Three days ago, I was on a quest for Havaianas slim flip-flops (done). Today, it's Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" tote...

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