Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wheels of a Bus Go...

Hubby sold his car. Quite simply, actually. He could have placed an ad on e-Bay, or other internet sites. Could have placed an ad in the local paper. He did it the low tech way. He posted a sign in the car's rear window. He was stopped daily by inquiring fellow motorists who often made on-the-spot cash offers. Even the local burger joint guy made an offer. The car finally went to a mechanically-inclined Romanian who was unphased by the fact that Hubby's 1999 blue-gray Audi A4 had 182 000 clicks on its counter.

We will miss that car. Especially, Hubby who now has to utilize Belgium's extensive public transportation network to get to work. But, more importantly, that car showed us every corner of Belgium and beyond.

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