Sunday, November 23, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth

- Mom?
- Yes, Edouard.
- My tooth is really loose. Look. Raagh.
- Stop jiggling it.
- Look Mom. I can push it with my tongue.
- That's gross.
- How much will the tooth fairy give me for my tooth when it falls out? Ten loonies?
- You're the loonie.
- Two bucks will do.
- I thought you wanted loonies.
- Funny. Do you think Dad can yank it out, now?
- Didn't he try five minutes ago.
- He pushed and pulled real hard on it, He said I had to wait. Did I wait long enough?
- No. Wake your father up tomorrow.
- Can the Tooth Fairy fly?
- Depends, did she smoke anything?
- Huh?
- Mom, I'm serious. Do you think she can climb all the way up my bunk bed to get to my pillow? It's high you know.
- So is the Tooth Fairy if she'll give you that much for a tooth.
- Huh? Mom, do you know where she gets all her money?
- From a small American bank...

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