Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lifetime warrantee

Edouard still does not know where babies come from. He knows they grow in a woman's tummy. But, he is not quite sure how the baby got in or out. The mechanics of it all escape him. Which is just as well for now. The word "boob" cracks him up; I'm not quite sure what the response to "fallopian tube" would be.

In his linear non-linear logic, Edouard reasoned that babies come from the shopping mall. Afterall, Mom gets all of her stuff from the store. For him, it makes perfect sense: babies are bought in a ready-to-assemble kit which seem simple enough to put together but take a really long time to assemble (think IKEA).

So following Edouard's train of thought:
  • Jacob, Edouard's best friend, was purchased at the local Canadian Tire (note: Jacob's father owns the one in Blainville. Edouard reports that they get EVERYTHING there.)
  • Edouard comes from McDonald's. He was the Happy Meal surprise. This, he says, explains my craving for their fries during my pregnancy.
  • Charlotte was purchased at Zellers...using Grandma's Club Z points. (note: Grandma has an employee discount. Edouard reports that she gets EVERYTHING there.)
So, when Charlotte is particularly pink, girlie and whiny, Edouard wonders if she is defective and if we can't return her to the store. I tell him that I was too cheap to get the extended warrantee.

Edouard has since been trying to convince me to trade Charlotte for Jacob.


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