Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sex and Religion

Daddy dodged a bullet today.

"...so when Mom and Dad make love."

Huh? Priceless. Edouard's puzzled look matched Hubby's panicked look. Too much information - Edouard thinks baby grow inside a mommy's belly and pops out by the bellybutton in hospital. He's not sure how they get in there - perhaps also by the bellybutton he surmises. Presently, he thinks that girls are yucky. For him, kissing them is just so wrong. He can't imagine above (or below) and beyond.

To be continued...

Edouard was invited to a Purim party at, his friend, Ella's synagogue. He hesistated until Ella's Mom assured him he wouldn't be converted.

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P-Y said...

wow. He'll be a heartbreaker in no time, just like his uncle