Thursday, July 16, 2009

Healing a Broken Heart

There are certain days when my job sucks. These are the days when I have to deal with sick ungrateful people. So pretty much every day, I get to hate my job. These are the days I wish "natural selection" would select more broadly.

And then, there are moments. Rare shining moments which restores my faith and purpose. Moments which remind me how priviledged I am to be a witness. Today was such a day. We transplanted a heart today.

The recipient was a man in his late twenties who suffered from congenital heart failure. His wish for his new heart was to father a child with his lovely wife. Poignantly, a broken-hearted thirty-five-year-old man on the other side of town made it possible by taking matters in his own hand, by his own hand...

In death a broken heart heals another so that love can bring life. Poetic.

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Anonymous said...

Salut Angela,

C'est vraiment poetic, j'adore prendre de vos nouvelles de cette façon

Au plaisir de se revoir

François G. Sherbrooke