Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flight or fight

Two days ago, my dual voltage hair-dryer short-circuited my computer's adapter switch (I have come to realize, that dual voltage anything does not work in any country). Hence, my inability to blog. Perhaps a blessing in disguise. Blogging under the post-traumatic stress syndrome resulted by KLM flight 671 would have produced nothing but a hateful tirade filled with descriptions of bodily functions, and religious artifacts. After much whine and wine, I realized that the bloated prices, indifferent service, general incompetance, incoherent policies, and general nonsense is not limited to KLM but an industry thing. Whether on American Airlines, NWA, Air Canada, or KLM, only the colour of the flight attendants' uniforms differ. Convergence at its very worst.

Key take-aways:
  • - the KLM web-site and KLM representative stating that a 5-point anchor infant car seat corresponding to Canadian norm 213.2 is allowed on-board was not a real KLM policy. Because, according to the the KLM flight attendant "I never saw a 5-point anchor on a car seat. We can only insure and accept the less secure 3-point anchor"...(Dudette, obviously did not read the memo.)
  • - Dutch Customs Officials do not respond to politeness, smiles and general civility. "Hosti, the pays de trou-d'cul-du-calisse" is the magic phrase to get their attention.
  • Rotating doors, meant to slow the boarding process, will actually come to a dead halt in the presence of a stroller.
  • Mom, travelling alone with 2 young children, a stroller, 3 carry-ons and 6 bags on 2 trolleys is not a valid reason for KLM to issue assistance. However, if I had a limp, then perhaps maybe. (Somebody obviously read HIS memo.)
  • Random acts of kindness from strangers heals the world.
Keep the faith.

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I miss you!