Sunday, October 01, 2006

While Hubby was away

If ever Hubby wanted a proof of my love - the past 2 weeks should be ample.

  • I have managed to pack all of our essentials (never thought so many things could be so necessary) into 6 bags. None of which are over the weight limit.
  • I have managed Charlotte's multiple-doctor-visit-requiring fever/double ear infection/allergy to penicilline.
  • I have managed Edouard's daily "I miss my Daddy" tears.
  • I have managed to convert a space once over-run by children into a bachelor pad.
  • I have managed to get service for a broken Samsung washing machine, complain 6 times for the lack of service, send 2 letters of complaint, kiss the crap good-bye, buy and install a new Kenmore.
  • I have managed to feed myself.
  • I have managed to restrain from using profanity in both official languages...around the children.
  • I have managed to maintain a relative degree of sanity (some say, though, that I am overly sensitive of late) and not call the whole thing off.

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